Les Clochetons Restaurant, Val d'Isere
Les Clochetons Restaurant, Val d'Isere
The staff at Les Clochetons Restaurant, Val d'Isere

staff karting, Val d'Isere2014

The Frison Family

Pictures (from top left):

Family 1984 : René with family and friends. René's two sons, Sebastien and his brother Nicolas in the foreground wearing the same sweaters.

Ski Course 1981: Opening of the Chamois de France on the Val d'Isère Stade de Slalom. Yes, René skied and competed at national and international level when he was young

Off-Piste 1985: On the Col de l'Ouille Noire Pissailat 3500 m in the Fornet sector of Val d'Isere's ski areas.

Restaurant 2011: René and his sons Sebastien and Nicolas and Carole, wife of Sebastien.

Staff Karting 2014 : Val d'Isère.


René Frison, locally born in 1954, has always lived in Val d’Isère. After 20 years dedicated to his passion for skiing, René decided to change his lifestyle and constructed a restaurant, Les Clochetons which means 'The Pinnacles'.
Today, 21 years later, the Clochetons has a solid reputation for quality and good service. Located at the bottom of the Solaise and Bellevarde ski areas, the restaurant boasts a young, ambitious and dynamic chef serving exciting and delicious menus.

Come and visit us to find out.